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  • vineridge-apartment1
    Vine Ridge Apartment - Sleeps 4 , stunning view, 8 x 4m roman stepped pool , ideal for families.
  • vineridge-studio
    Vine Ridge Studio - Sleeps 2/4, 8 x 4m Swimming Pool, Stunning views wherever you look, our most popular rental.
  • vineridge-poolside
    Vine Ridge Poolside Studio - Sleeps 2, 8 x 4m Swimming Pool, Very well equipped, ideal for single travellers or couples.
  • villa-de-vista
    Villa de Vista - Sleeps 6/8, Modern Styled Villa, outstanding views to compliment its location.
  • finca-lo-martin
    Finca Lo Martin - Sleeps 10/12 - 9 x 5 Swimming Pool, A rustic Traditional Spanish Farmhouse in beautiful surroundings
  • casa-las-palomas-homepage-slider
    Casa Las Palomas - Sleeps 6, 8 x 4 Swimming Pool, Well equipped modern Villa with breathtaking views all around.
  • Lemon-Grove
    Lemon Grove Farmhouse - Sleeps up to 17, A rustic and charming collection of 1 Farmhouse & 2 cottages in a row.
  • casita-la-huerta
    Casita La Huerta - Sleeps 4, 8 x 4m Swimming Pool, Our most romantic rental, secluded and stylish.
  • villa-los-romanes1
    Villa Los Romanes - Sleeps 8, 8 x 4m Swimming Pool, A well equipped modern villa overlooking the stunning Lake Vinuela.
  • casa-meyer
    Casa Meyer - Sleeps 8, Great location, modern and well equipped, wonderful views and 8 x 4 Swimming Pool.
  • casa-la-trocha
    Casa La Trocha - Sleeps 4, 8 x 4m Swimming Pool, Authentically Spanish styled Villa with incredible views.
  • casa-armonia
    Casa Armonia - Sleeps 8, A spacious and stylish holiday home, lovely for families and groups with 8 x 4m Swimming Pool
  • Casa-Eva
    Casa Eva - Sleeps 4, Wonderful kidney shaped Swimming Pool, Modern 2 bedroom house in a village location.
  • Conjunto-el-Convento
    Conjunto El Convento - Sleeps 6, A spacious 3 Bedroom Apartment, just a 2 minute walk to the beach opposite.
  • Mediterranean-Villa 1
    Mediterranean Villa 1 - Sleeps 8, A 4 Bedroom Villa with communal Swimming Pools and Tennis courts, 5 minutes to the sea.
  • Torrox-Park-Villa
    Torrox Park Villa - Sleeps 8+, A Split Level Villa with communal Swimming Pools and Tennis courts, near to bars and restaurants.
  • Torrox Park Villa 2
    Torrox Park Villa 2- Sleeps 6+, A Great Villa with private Swimming Pool, near to bars and restaurants. 2 minute drive to the sea.
  • villa-meyer
    Villa Meyers - Sleeps 13, Large Swimming Pool, very well equipped, great for large families and groups.
  • Mediterranean Villa 2
    Mediterranean Villa 2 - Sleeps 5/6, A 3 Bedroom Villa with communal Swimming Pools and Tennis courts, 5 minutes to the sea.
  • Villa Arenas
    Arenas Villa - Sleeps up to 10, Well Located Vila, Private Swimming Pool, just 30 minutes from Malaga Airport
  • Casita Jasmin & Casita Oliva
    Casita Jasmin & Casita Oliva - Two separate one bedroom self catering properties with their own private outdoor space, there is a Swimming Pool and hot tub shared by both Casitas
  • Casa del Olive Grove
    Casa del Olive Grove - Sleeps up to 13, Great Casa with 4m Swimming Pool set in wonderful surroundings
  • Las Encinillas
    Las Encinillas -4 Bedroom Villa - Sleeps up to 8, Great Villa on the edge of Comares with Private Swimming Pool and great views
  • casa-comares-homepage
    Casa Comares - Sleeps 4, Modern and Stylish well equipped Villa, 8 x 4m Swimming Pool enjoying widespread views.
  • Casa Mendoza
    Casa Mendoza - A great 4 Bedroom Villa with wonderful views - Sleeps 6/8 - Just outside the Village of Comares, Swimming Pool, BBQ, Terraces
  • Almayate Villa
    Almayate Villa Sleeps 6/7 - Great 3/4 Bedroom Villa near to Sea, 3 Communal Swimming Pools & Tennis Courts & Gym
  • casa-periana
    Casa Periana - Sleeps 6, 3 Bedroom house situated in a great area in the Andalucian countryside with Pool.
  • casa dulce
    Casa Dulce - Sleeps 4/5 - Great 3 Bedroom Village house in Comares - near to Bars/Restaurants
  • Casa del Comares
    Casa del Comares - Sleeps 10, Great Casa, with wonderful views and 8 x 4m Swimming Pool.
  • Spanish Cortijo
    Spanish Cortijo - Sleeps 6, Great Casa with 6 x 3m Gated Swimming Pool and Air-con
  • Olive villa
    Olive Villa - Sleeps up to 8, Great Villa with 8 x 4m Swimming Pool, set in Olive Groves
  • Finca Blanca
    Finca Blanca - Sleeps up to 8, Great Villa with 8 x 4m Swimming Pool, set in a peaceful location
  • Jasmine Villa
    Jasmine Villa - Sleeps up to 10, Great Large 4 Bedroom Villa, 13m x 5m Swimming Pool, set in mature grounds, wonderful views all around
  • casa-colmenar
    Casa Colmenar - Sleeps 6, Stylish and secluded Casa, great views and 8 x 4m Swimming Pool.
  • Apartments-in-Benajarafe
    Apartments in Benajarfe - 2 separate apartments both sleeping 4/6, Swimming Pool, and stunning views to the sea.
  • Casa-Villazo
    Casa Villazo 1 & 2 - Sleeps up to 19 in total between both traditional cottages, Individual Swimming Pools for each, lovely rural location.
  • Millers Cottage
    Millers Cottage - A great 3 Bedroom cottage with wonderful views - Sleeps 5 - Just outside the Village of Comares, Swimming Pool, BBQ, Terraces
  • Alcaucin Villa
    Alcaucin Villa - A great 4 Bedroom cottage with wonderful views - Sleeps 10 - Just outside the Village of Alcaucin, Swimming Pool, BBQ, Terraces
Vine Ridge Retreats is a family run business started in 2009 with a clear ambition to introduce you to this beautifully unspoilt area of Spain by offering lovely quality rentals all within a realistic travelling time from Malaga or Granada.

Our ambition is to allow you to have a taste of rural Andaluc√≠a from its culture and history plus it’s food and drink via a stunning range of fantastic value self catering holiday accommodation to help to achieve this experience.

Since we initially started with 2 of our own smaller rentals we have helped and advised numerous owners with their rentals and expanded our agency business to coastal areas as well as rural to enable us to fulfil your needs for the coast as well as country and also help build packages which often incorporate 2 centre holidays.

All of our rentals have conscientious owners who wish to offer good quality and great value places.

We have rentals that focus on single travellers to modern family villas and rustic character filled farmhouses that can sleep 17, great for groups and large family holidays.

Plus villas and apartments a few minutes from the sea.

The Andalucian region is stunning and diverse with dramatic mountain ranges which are home to quaint and authentic white villages which appear locked in time down to the far stretching and spacious coastlines with clean beaches that guide you into the magnetic draw of the crystal clear and invigorating blueness of the Mediterranean.

The advantage of being owners as well as local agents is that it enables us to focus on your needs with a clear understanding of what you require and offer alternatives if properties are booked whilst not undermining the needs of the individual.

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